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COPYRIGHT LAW.............................................Watch this clip

The purpose of a copyright is to protect the financial interest of the person who created a written work, image,
music, dance or anything tangible that is created.

Some points you need to know about copyrights.
  • EVERYTHING on the web or printed is under copyright unless they EXPLICITLY say it's in the Public Domainand you can use it.
  • Just because you can't find or don't see a copyright symbol means nothing. You MUST assume it's under copyright.
  • Stealing someone's work, which is what you are doing when you violate someone's copyright, is breaking the law and you can be sued pay a fine and court costs and even, in some states, go to jail.
  • Fair Use is a provision of the copyright lawthat says that images, words, etc that are protected by copyright can be used for news reporting, criticism, teaching, research, scholarship and commentary without violating a person's legal copyright.
  • The artworks I have taken off the web and used in this website are used under the Fair Use doctrine and it's legal because this is a non-commercil teaching site.
  • However, just because you're not making money doesn't mean you're off the hook with copyrights. The amount of money you make doesn't matter under the law. There is no "starving artist" or "I'm just a kid" provision in copyright law.
  • In the US, works will leave copyright and go in to the Public Domain 70 years after the death of the creator. If the creator is unknown, the work goes in to the Public Domain 95 years from publication or 120 years from creation, whichever is shorter. Copyrights prior to 1923 have expired.
  • Anything created by US government employees is in the Public Domain. This means that photos taken by military photographers, NASA, the US Parks and Wildlife Commission, etc are all in the public domain.