Podcasting resources

1. Podcasting: a recorded program of audio or video made available over the Internet as a file that can be downloaded to a computer or portable device.

*If you choose to create a podcast, please create a podcast you might use in your Unit of Study. Podcasts can be used in a variety of ways: sharing information, story telling, music, and assignments. You may also want to use a Podcast to provide additional instruction for students who need access to information in an auditory way.

Podcasting in Plain English. Another excellent video created by Common Craft. How podcasting is different than broadcasting.

10 Free Audio Programs to use for E-Learning: links to free audio programs in order to create podcasts.

Audacity: a free download to create podcasts.

Myna: Create podcasts....part of the Aviary tools

Cinchcast: an easy way to create and share audio on the web.

Google Voice: Call in to a phone number to create a digital file of the call. Check out the blog for other uses: http://googlevoiceblog.blogspot.com/

Pod Bean: Free pod cast hosting

Aviary: A powerful suite of web tools: photo editing, web templates, screen capture, music editing and more.

Vocaroo: the simplest podcasting site I have found.

Audioboo: Press and record...save

Apple website on Podcasting