Download SmartBoard Tools to your computer before using the SmartBoard.
Once downloaded, the hardware set up is easy.
Steps include:

Set up LCD Projector. Connect Projector using VGA cord to Laptop/Desktop. Power on devices

Plug in SmartBoard. Cord is located behind the device. This will power the device. The indicator light on the side of the board should power on red, then blink green.
Picture_11.png Picture_15.png----------->Picture_14.png

Connect the Smartboard to your laptop/desktop using by attaching USB cord to laptop. The other end of the cord connects to a port on Smartboard itself. Once the USB cord is connected from the laptop to the Smartboard, the indicator light on the side of the board should stop blinking and will stay lit green. Hardware setup is complete!

Picture_12.png Picture_14.png

If you are using a mobile board, first making sure the board in structured in place so it does not move around by touch. There are panels that you can pull down and lock at the bottom of the board so it does not move.Picture_16.png<-------------------- The end result should look like this

Before use, the next step is the configure the SmartBoard. Simultaneously press the buttons on the control module to start configuration.

A screen will appear with a blinking plus icon. Press the middle of the icon.
This will configure the orientation of the board as well as accuracy when selecting items on the smartboard.
The icon will move across the screen in nine different locations where you must continue to select the middle of the icon.

Use this configuration screen throughout the day at any point to re-configure the board in the event the board is moved, the projector is moved, or if you are simply having trouble pressing links on the board itself.

Explore use of the pens and eraser located on the tray.
Picture_20.png Picture_21.png
Use the pens to write or color code a webpage or document.
You may only use one pen at a time.
When a pen is in use, an indicator light above the location of the pen in the tray will light up.

Use the eraser to correct information. Note: the eraser will erase a large portion on the screen when used.
The eraser and pen cannot be used at the same time.

Continue to explore the SmartBoard Tools and Applications.
For additional help, visit the Smart Technologies Support site.