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Site A
Session 1

Bianca Rivera Gr3
Science: Honey Bee Webquest
Persuasive Essay
Kari-Ann Cute Gr2
Math: Addition & Subtration
Number Stories
Renee Toppi Gr4
ELA: PourQuoi?
Digital Folktales (iMovie)
Renee Haggerty Gr3
Investigating Numbers
to 1000, Regrouping
Denise Zarcaro Gr3
Social Studies/ELA
Carolyn Carnevale Gr2
Science: Matter
Cynthia Joyce Gr3
Science: Weather,
RI History
Diane Walsh Gr3
Writing: Biographies
Robyn Simoneau Gr5
Social Studies & Writing:
Janice Talbot Kindergarten
Reading: Letter Sounds &
Identifying Letters
Susan Krikstone Gr3
Personal Narrative
Laurie Chace Gr3
Addition and Subtraction
Heather Wellington Gr7
Math: Probability
Laurie Zinno Gr2
ELA Reading/Writing
Character Study (Tumblebooks)
Debra Turchetti-Ramm
Steven Ferreira Gr5
Products and Factors

Site B
Session 1

Melinda Witt
Lynne Donnelly
Lori Maggiacomo
Marla Coletta
Deborah Cosgrove
Melissa Storti
Deborah Draper
Catherine Fox
Sharon Marcello
Lian Furtado
Kristina Hogan
Carolyn Vallese
David Bergeron
Tanya Morales
Rebecca Oristaglio
Oliver Reid
Sarah Sellers
Darlene Amalfitano

Site B
Session 2

Dawn Williams
Dawn Bergstrom
Jen Simoneau
Andrea Eddy
MaryAnn Schultheis
Sarah Webster
Melissa Moniz
Angela Haggerty
Darcy Mollo
Jessica Frechette
Margery Jones
Kendra Lopresti

Rhode Island Unit of Study Rubric (assess your work)

Rhode Island Unit of Study Checklist
Great Unit's of Study

Guiding Questions for Presentations

Reflection on Presentation

Thoughts on Presentation

* Examples of previous Units of study....Note....This link takes you to the online course

A few things that are important to know about the Unit of Study.
  1. When you are filling out the sections, please don't use bullets, unfortunately the template doesn't like bullets so we try to avoide them.Numbering seems to work fine, but not the bullets.I apologize for not mentioning this sooner, but if you have bullets in your template and you can remove them between now and Module 3 and as you move forward, that would be great.
  2. Please remember that whatever GLEs or GSEs that you have in your Unit of Study, you have to show how you are assessing them. So those of you who included many GLEs, just make sure when it comes to the Assessment pieces, that you can point to where each GLE is being assessed. You may want to narrow down the number of GLEs you include. If you have more learning that the students will experience but you don't necessarily want to directly assess you can use the section called "Additional Learner Outcomes" this section is not necessarily assessed.
  3. Additionally, looking ahead in the unit, you will need to include or create rubrics that go with your assessments as well. If your school has rubrics that you already use then you can include those. This would be a good time to use the document camera because you could take a photo with the document camera and include the rubric in your folder on RIEPS.
  4. Remember that eventually all of your supporting work that goes with your Unit of Study: students work samples (that you create as models for your students), assessments, rubrics, etc. will all need to be posted in your website.